Equipment - Water and Wastewater Treatment


  • Static and dynamic clarifiers;
  • Flotators IGF (Induced Gas Flotation) and DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation);
  • Multimedia Filters of ascending/descending flow, open / closed;
  • Cationic, anionic and mixed bed exchangers;
  • Recirculation Systems (re-use) in steel mills. Example: gas scrubbing, direct and indirect cooling systems.

Combined Operations

  • Clari-reator Reactivator ® (licensed in Brazil, with exclusivity): ccontact clarifier, wherein floculation and clarification take place simultaneously;
  • Blade Clarifier: allows significant reduction of space required for clarification;
  • Flofilter® (licensed in Brazil, with exclusivity): compact equipment, wherein flotation and filtration take place simultaneously.