New Products

The Division of New Products has the mission to prospect and incorporate to the product lines of the company new technologies oriented to the solution of environmental problems.

Waste Incineration

Thermal recovery of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) for power and steam generation. The thermal treatment allows reducing the waste volume to be landfilled in about 90%.

The most advanced concepts of MSW management consider the thermal recovery as one of the most adequate environmental solution for the final destination of domestic waste. ENFIL offers the market Waste-to-Energy plants for MSW and electric power generation, with technology of grate incineration proven in several plants in Europa, United States and Japan.

  • Air or water cooled grates
  • Rotating or moving grates
  • Vertical or horizontal steam generator
  • Gas treatment system for NOx and SOx removal, dioxins and furans, mercury, etc.



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