Treatment of Water and Wastewater

The Division of Treatment of Water and Wastewater focuses
at the supply of systems in turn-key basis for the treatment
of water and liquid effluents.

Water and Wastewater treatment

Enfil provides the market with systems for the treatment of water and wastewater be it by physical-chemical or biologic processes. Depending on the application two unit operations might be performed on the same equipment.



Klabin - Telemaco Borba - PR
Treatment System for Rio Polímeros - RJ
CSN in Volta Redonda - RJ
Termo Fortaleza - CE
Blade Clarifier Termorio - RJ
Reverse Osmosis Aracruz Celulose - ES
Water Demineralization Petrobras Revap.
Water Treatment Thyssenkrupp-CSA - RJ
Water Treatment Petrobrás Revap
Reverse Osmosis Petrobrás Revap
Watewater treatment ArcelorMittal - ES
Thermal Power Plant Plant of Canoas - RS
Thermal Power Plant Sea Water Clarification
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