Construction and Assembly

The Construction and Assembly Division is specialized in electromechanical maintenance services, assembly of equipment or systems and supply of replacement and spare parts.

Construction and Assembly

Industrial Assembly

With a highly qualified professional staff the company provides all types of assembling services of components, equipment and facilities, with supervision and auxiliary manpower with guarantee and best terms.

Upgrades and Rebuildings

Engineering Projects, supply of equipment and assembly for rebuildings and upgrades with agility and satisfaction of our Clients.

Industrial Maintenance

Supply of manpower specialized at the maintenance services for equipment, precipitators and bag filters such as:

  • Alignment of discharge electrodes;
  • Calibration and alignment of the collecting alectrodes;
  • Rebuilding and adjustment of the rapping system;
  • Replacement of damaged parts and pieces such as: isolators, hammers, axles, bearings, collecting plates, emitting electrodes.

Supply of spare parts and components

Construction and Assemblys manufacture and supplies parts and pieces for precipitators and Bag Filter such as:

  • Emission systems - Electrodes frames and electrodes;
  • Collection systems - collecting plates and shock bars;
  • Rapping systems: tumbling hammer or electromagnetic type (MIGI);
  • Hot air blowing system, resistances and isolators;
  • High voltage controllers.


Training is carried out with equipment and literature material which are supplied for complete accompanying of the presentation. In this presentation general knowledge of the equipment is addressed to, including running, inspection, maintenance, operation and safety.

The training might be carried out at your plant in order to minimize the costs with travel and accommodation of the personnel.

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